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Evelyn Leite - Author & SpeakerEvelyn Leite, MHR, LPC, is an author and speaker who shares her heart-wrenching, real-life experiences with humor. She loves to relate funny stories, paired with memories about family addictions and mental health, to lead women to Jesus. She is highly regarded for her expert knowledge in healing trauma, understanding relationship dynamics, improving communication, and overcoming addictions. She uses her more than 35 years of professional experience as a relationships and addiction therapist to bring truth, redemption, love, acceptance, and hope to any story.

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Speaking Topics

• Learn to Love Yourself

Embrace the journey of self-discovery by fearlessly taking inventory of your life, defying societal norms that label self-reflection as selfish. Prioritize your well-being, shed the burden of unnecessary commitments, and embark on a path of self-love by focusing on the present, cultivating joy, and embracing authenticity in every facet of your existence.

• Are You in a Relationship with a Substance Abuser?

Evaluate your relationship for signs of substance abuse by reflecting on indicators such as financial strain, emotional manipulation, and a persistent sense of hopelessness. Recognize the toll on your well-being if you find yourself excusing or enduring abuse, navigating a constant state of vigilance, and sacrificing your desires to maintain a precarious peace, prompting a crucial examination of the dynamics at play in your life.

• Are You in a Relationship with a Narcissistic Abuser?

Recognize the presence of a narcissistic abuser by identifying red flags such as their ability to steal joy, lack of boundaries, and relentless shaming of aspects beyond your control. Navigate the emotional minefield of their manipulative tactics, from the silent treatment to deflecting responsibility, as they undermine your feelings, dismiss your experiences, and employ gaslighting to perpetuate a cycle of toxicity in the relationship.

• Five Secrets To Having It All

Learn how to transform your life by transforming your thoughts and actions. Embrace positive self-talk, recognizing that your life is shaped not solely by events but by the narrative you construct around them. Immerse yourself in the liberating power of forgiveness, understanding that it doesn't condone the past but releases you from its grip.

• Fix The Family Rift Caused by Addiction

Embrace a transformative approach to family challenges by adopting a new mindset and focusing on personal growth. Educate yourself on addiction dynamics, learn to release resentment, blame, and shame, and become the catalyst for positive change within your family dynamics.

• The Six Promises of Jesus that Will Change Your Life

Explore the transformative power of Jesus's teachings with a profound discussion on the six promises that have the potential to reshape and enrich your life. Delve into the spiritual journey as you discover how these promises offer guidance, hope, and a renewed sense of purpose, fostering a profound connection with faith and personal growth.

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