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Women: What Do We Want?Women: What Do We Want?
What do women want? It's a simple question without a simple answer. While every woman's needs are varied and unique, cultural dynamics and psychological trauma lead to patterns of miscommunication that hinder true understanding and cripple relationships. In Women: What do we want Evelyn Leite draws insights from interviews and from her decades of experience counseling women to reveal the roots of the issues that plague many relationships and provide guidance to more love and spicier passion. << Buy a Signed Copy >>


To Be SomebodyTo Be Somebody is a story about alcoholism and pain, about faith in a higher power and healing of the soul, about joy and recovery. In To Be Somebody, Evelyn Leite shows the truth of the observation that those who love and live with a drinking alcoholic become victims of the illness just as surely as does the alcoholic. Fear, resentment, and an ego big enough to think that it can change another person are problems painfully shown by the teller of this story as she ever so slowly comes to realize the stranglehold on her life she has allowed alcoholism to gain. Her experiences show how the illness, when unrecognized, affects and afflicts those around the alcoholic, and how the methods of coping with the problem, and ultimately, recovery, form an almost identical process for both the alcoholic and the co-dependent. Those who have lived through recovery will recognize the truth and ordinariness of this story. Those who are searching for help will find truth--and perhaps a shortcut through the ravages of the illness. Soon.