Feelings are not Right and Wrong. Feelings just are.

People in pain are often ashamed of their feelings and will attempt to deny or hide them. Assure them you can handle their feelings and whatever the feelings are they are ok. Tell them feelings just are and everyone has them.

It is important to be open to expressions of pain and remain calm no matter what is said. Do not react or show shock to expressions of hopelessness or anger, or foul language.

People considering suicide can’t think clearly or stop their pain.


Give these responses:

Know your resources and have them at your finger-tips.

  1. Who else is in your family? Who would be most hurt by suicide? (Try to get a telephone number, or address.)
  2. Offer to help get them the attention they need from family or others.
  3. Ask them to agree to a contract with you.
  4. Tell them they are valuable and worthwhile and needed by family (children).
  5. Ask about their spiritual beliefs.
  6. Encourage them to seek counseling, or to reach out for spiritual guidance.
  7. Give them a story of hope and healing.
  8. Be their best friend until they can move on and talk with someone else.
  9. Promise to call them back and then do it.
  10. They must see you as a safe person.

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