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Evelyn Leite - Author & SpeakerEvelyn Leite, MHR, LPC, is an author and speaker who shares her heart-wrenching, real-life experiences with humor. She loves to relate funny stories, paired with memories about family addictions and mental health, to lead women to Jesus. She is highly regarded for her expert knowledge in healing trauma, understanding relationship dynamics, improving communication, and overcoming addictions. She uses her more than 35 years of professional experience as a relationships and addiction therapist to bring truth, redemption, love, acceptance, and hope to any story.

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Most Recent Books by Evelyn Leite

A Search for Sanity - One Step at a Time

If you or someone you love are among the 19.4 million people who suffer alcohol or drug addiction, this unvarnished, raw recount of the various ways and many years the author suffered, can serve as the understanding and validation you need.

Dance Like There's No Tomorrow

The family ends up a cowboy town, two hours away, where the largest earthen rolled dam in the world is being constructed by multitudes of sexy young construction workers, fueled with the exuberance of too much money and easy access to drugs and alcohol.

Just Fine, Thank You.

Born in South Dakota at a time when America was reeling from a dust bowl, a depression and a second world war, Evelyn lived with Mamma, Edith, a socialite who marries her Daddy, a broke but charming southerner, Lon.

To Be Somebody: A Tale of Love, Heartbreak, and Hope

To Be Somebody is a story about alcoholism and pain, about faith in a higher power and healing of the soul, about joy and recovery. In To Be Somebody, Evelyn Leite shows the truth of the observation that those who love and live with a drinking alcoholic become victims of the illness just as surely as does the alcoholic.

Women: What Do We Want?

It's a simple question without a simple answer. While every woman's needs are varied and unique, cultural dynamics and psychological trauma lead to patterns of miscommunication that hinder true understanding and cripple relationships.

A Fix for the Family Rift Caused by Addiction

The dysfunctional family can be restored and become a healthy family. Evelyn Leite's book is complete with explanations and responses you can take to help your family thrive. Each chapter offers clear, concise, and compassionate information providing genuine hope for the family that's been commandeered by addiction.